LEGO kündigt Ninjago Kleidungskollektion mit HYPE. an

  • Wie LEGO heute in einer Pressemitteilung verkündete, wird es eine LEGO Ninjago Kleidungskollektion von HYPE. geben.

    Die Kollektion wird 28-teilig sein und besteht aus: T-Shirts, Hemden, Shorts, Hoodies, Joggern, Jacken und Taschen.

    Anbei ein Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung:

    The collection illustrates exciting memorable moments and characters from the franchise’s hugely successful TV series and the fictional world of LEGO® NINJAGO® building sets, Japanese & Chinese myths and culture.

    Boasting mesh panelling, embroidery, on-trend chunky taping, branded neck ribs and over-sized graphics. With a metallic look accentuating the prints and the use of metal D rings; emphasising the power of the LEGO® NINJAGO® spirit.

    Featuring over-sized silhouettes in the LEGO® NINJAGO® iconic colour palette of yellow, deep red, and monochrome, with the placement of the secret LEGO® NINJAGO® language spelling out ‘JUST HYPE’ throughout the collection, each individual tee showcases prints of your all-time favourite LEGO® NINJAGO® characters.

    It’s a collection to achieve and inspire greatness. “A Ninja never quits”.